General Knowledge for All Competitive Exams 2023: Part-1

Multiple choice questions on General Studies and GK preparation for all Central dept. like UPSC, SSC, Railway. NDA, CDS, and all State dept. Examinations.

👉 Q1. Suppose if we measure the time lapse between the two Sunsets by sitting on the beach, from this we can estimate

(A) The distance between the sun and the earth

(B) The depth of the ocean

(C) The radius of the earth

(D) The radius of the sun

👉 Q2. Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a therapy used

(A) to cure lung cancer

(B) to cure AIDS

(C) to cure fractures in bones

(D) to detect antibodies and hormones present in the blood samples

👉 Q3. In a Laser (say neon laser) all the atoms emit the light waves of

(A) Same frequency

(B) Same amplitude

(C) Same phase

(D) All of the above.

👉 Q4. Which of the following has got more heat capacity?

(A) Iron piece

(B) Water

(C) Gold piece

(D) Benzene

👉 Q5. The polymer used in making plastic crockery is

(A) Decron

(B) Nylon

(C) Bakelite

(D) Melamine

👉 Q6. Vulcanization of rubber is carried out by adding

(A) Sulphur

(B) Carbon

(C) Ozone

(D) Phosphorus

👉 Q7. Which one of the following is not a true snake?

(A) Glass snake

(B) Sea snake

(C) Tree snake

(D) Blind snake

👉 Q8. Which one of the following sets belongs to the class Mammalia?

(A) Lion, Hippopotamus, Penguin, Bat.

(B) Lion, Bat, Whale, Ostrich

(C) Whale, Bat, Hippopotamus, Kangaroo

(D) Hippopotamus, Penguin, Whale, Kangaroo

👉 Q9. Where was the wildlife institute of India established in 1982 for research and training programs?

(A) Bhubaneswar

(B) Delhi

(C) Dehradun

(D) Nilgiri

👉 Q10. Which one of the following pairs belongs to cartilaginous fish?

(A) Shark and Tuna

(B) Shark and Ray

(C) Skates and Hilsa

(D) Ray and Eel

👉 Q11. Who among the following on March 25, 2011, became the first Sikh in nearly 30 years to assume the post of Chief of Army in Singapore?

(A) Amitoj Singh

(B) Shailendra Kaul

(C) Jaswinder Singh

(D) Ravinder Singh

👉 Q12. Johann Gregor Mendel is famous for propounding

(A) Theory of mutation

(B) Laws of heredity

(C) Cell theory

(D) Theory of acquired characters

👉 Q13. Which of the following has no skeleton at all?

(A) Star fish,

(B) Sponge,

(C) Jelly fish,

(D) Silver fish

👉 Q14. World Health Day is observed on

(A) June 5,

(B) April 7,

(C) June 7,

(D) July 11

👉 Q15. Who said, “The Simon Commission Report should be thrown on a heap of rubbish”?

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Shivaswami Ayyar

(C) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

(D) Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer key:-

Q1. Ans-(C)Q2. Ans-(D)Q3. Ans-(D)Q4. Ans-(B)Q5. Ans-(D)
Q6. Ans-(A)Q7. Ans-(A)Q8. Ans-(C)Q9. Ans-(D)Q10. Ans-(B)
Q11. Ans-(D)Q12. Ans-(B)Q13. Ans-(D)Q14. Ans-(B)Q15. Ans-(A)

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