General English for Competitive Exams: Part-3

Multiple choice General English Questions and Answers preparation for all Central dept. like UPSC, SSC, Railway. NDA, CDS, and all State dept. Examinations.

👉 The feminine of the word Peer is
(a) Peeress
(b) Priestess
(c) Mare
(d) Goose
Ans:- (a) Peeress

👉The plural form of the word Passer-by is
(a) Passer-bys
(b) Passers- by
(c) Passerers
(d) Die
Ans:- (b) Passers-by

👉The superlative degree of the word Fore is
(a) First
(b) Worst
(c) Former
(d) Latest
Ans:- (a) First

Direction Q(i – ii): In the following questions find out wrongly spelt word.

👉 Q(i)

(a) Recruitment
(b) Citizen
(c) Discretion
(d) Command
Ans:- (a) Recruitment

👉 Q(ii)

(a) Specific
(b) Sphare
(c) Requirement
(d) Material
Ans:- (b) Sphare

Direction Q(i – ii): In the following questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

👉 Q(i) Commensurate
(a) Measurable
(b) Proportionate
(c) Beginning
(d) Appropriate
Ans:- (b) Proportionate

👉 Q(ii) Ecstatic
(a) Animated
(b) Bewildered
(c) Enraptured
(d) Illful
Ans:- (c) Enraptured

Direction Q(i – ii): In the following questions choose the word which is the exact opposite of the given word.

👉 (i) Stationary
(a) Active
(b) Mobile
(c) Rapid
(d) Busy
Ans:- (b) Mobile

👉 (ii) Honorary
(a) Dishonourable
(b) Reputed
(c) Paid
(d) Official
Ans:- (c) Paid

Direction Q(i – ii): Pick out the most effective word to fill in the blanks.

👉Q(i) Copper is ……….. useful metal.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) None of these
Ans:- (a) a

👉 Q(ii) The pilot had been warned about the storm before he …..
(a) took away
(b) took up
(c) took over
(d) took off
Ans:- (d) took off

👉 He was sent to prison for his ……
(a) sin
(b) vice
(c) crime
(d) guilt
Ans:- (c) crime

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