General English for Competitive Exams: Part-2

Multiple choice General English Questions and Answers preparation for all Central dept. like UPSC, SSC, Railway. NDA, CDS, and all State dept. Examinations.

Directions (1-5): In the following questions a group of four words are given. In each group, one word is misspelt. Find the misspelt word.

👉 Q1
(a) Security
(b) Inovative
(c) Merciless

👉 Q2
(a) Present
(b) Avoid
(c) Throug
(d) Villager

👉 Q3
(a) Mosqutoes
(b) Buffaloes
(c) Bullocks
(d) Chickens

👉 Q4
(a) Kitchen
(b) Common
(c) Colluge
(d) Quit

👉 Q5
(a) Consequences
(b) Specimen
(c) Recomendation
(d) Instructor

Directions (6-10): Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

👉 Q6 We failed to awaken him as he was……….sleep.
(l) plenty
(2) high
(3) deep
(4) extreme

👉 Q7 He has been sick for the last six months and is required to be taken to the doctor……….
(a) frequently
(b) seldom
(c) rarely
(d) timely

👉 Q8 The nurses are very careful in attention………. the pa-intents
(a) at
(b) to
(c) on
(d) for

👉 Q9 While going to the temple, they leave their child in servants……….
(a) suspension
(b) duty
(c) work
(d) custody

👉 Q10 Because of the ………. halt, the passengers in the vehicle were displaced
(a) gentle
(b) slow
(c) sudden
(d) quiet

Answer key:-

Q1. Ans-(b)Q2. Ans-(c)Q3. Ans-(a)Q4. Ans-(c)Q5. Ans-(c)
Q6. Ans-(c)Q7. Ans-(a)Q8. Ans-(b)Q9. Ans-(a)Q10. Ans-(c)

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